There's a Rumor

I've heard the rumors where you said you're very happy
You met a good girl and you're proud of it

How could you do this my love?
Are you happy without me?
How could you put someone else in my place?
and be able to think of us as just a memory

I gotta let go. I gotta let you go

I don't know if you've heard, but I've been busy these days
Because if I'm alone, i just end up crying and i hate that

My stupid heart, it only knows you
How could i put someone else in your place?
If only you came back to me, I want nothing more than by my side
All those happy memories, now only bring tears to my eyes

anyway. happy 30weeksarry :)
enjoy your trip


(farah-citra-unni-umma-veta-me-fira)this is my best-best-bestfriends ever

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